About MARS

MARS is a part of the DP-RAIL initiative, which aims at enhancing digital exchange between rail freight workflows to support the modal shift to rail.



Mobile Application for Railfreight Services (MARS) is a user-friendly web application to ensure the communication flow between partners operating in the first mile, last mile and transit on behalf of a lead RU


MARS replaces the tool WDI 1.0 at RailData


The operating RU will be able to produce ISR wagon status messages (WSM) and Hermes 30 (H30) in the application


Manual insertion of data will be avoided to the extent possible by pre-configuring objects by using information from the consignment note (ECN) and the technical wagon data from the GCU Broker


Backoffice frontend for definition of tasks, planning and admin purposes

Mobile Frontend for performing tasks on site offering offline capability


Data pre-filling using consignment note (ECN), Hermes 30 and technical wagon data (GCU Broker)


Template functionality  further reduces the effort of data entry

Proper exception handling foreseen (e.g. manual process if ECN is missing)


Sophisticated user roles and authorization concept

TAF/TSI compliant