Successful DP-RAIL and RNE workshops and achievement of a commonly agreed Domain model

A Digital Platform for the rail freight ecosystem is one of the Rail Freight Forward (RFF) game changers which will help transform the rail freight landscape and support the EU interoperability objectives.We are shaping this together with key partners and future users.

Three UIC/RFF – RNE workshop supporting this shared goal and vision and resulted in a commonly agreed Domain model. This Model describes the future data landscape necessary for aligned solutions and tools which will support the removal of interoperability barriers currently hindering cross border rail freight transport and therefore contributing to the Union policy goals of improving the performance and capacity of the railway sector and improved interaction with other transport modes.

DP-RAIL is an important step forward for rail sector in as much as it will connect with the relevant platforms and will provide the necessary link between the freight railways ecosystem and the digitalization activities of Infrastructure managers in the context of TTR/Digital Capacity Management.