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The aim of DP-RAIL is to overcome and transform the fragmented data exchange landscape and enable standardised message exchanges compliant with the EU Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TAF TSI).​

DP-RAIL will provide central tools to enhance standardisation and support smaller RUs with limited or no IT to become TAF TSI compliant. As a first step, DP-RAIL aims to address the digitalization of core rail operational processes.


Timeline overview

EU Green Deal

EU sets the ambition to become a climate neutral continent by 2050

RFF1.0 vision

Pivotal focus areas identified at RU, IM and policy level to increase competitiveness and boost rail freight’s market share

RFF2.0 Game changers

Digital Platforms (DP) as the cornerstone of all 5 game changers

MARS as first MVP started

DP-RAIL CEF application submitted

Why are we doing this?



Insufficient product attractiveness in terms of transparency, reliability, and transport time

High degree of costly manual work in operations
Insufficient asset utilisation

Low transparency due to non-standardized, bilateral data exchange


RU 1

RU 2

RU 3

High lead time in train path assignment
No dedicated capacity for rail freight
Insufficient train path quality

Lack of interoperability
Not standardized, country-specific operations and technical requirements

Limited infrastructure capacity


IM 1

IM 2

No level playing field for rail freight
Much higher external costs of road borne by society


Rail sector

Other modes of transportation, e.g. road


What do we want?


To enable seamless interoperable data exchange across borders and companies




To enhance standardisation and support TSI implementation


To avoid multilateral, customized and costly interfaces


To reduce manual data gathering efforts for participating entities


To enable better utilization of cApacity


To support EU environmental goals


To enable for future 3rd party innovation

How does DP-RAIL contribute to the big picture?​

Removal of interoperability barriers and contribution to SERA : Single European railway area


Enable TSI compliance and implementation


DP-RAIL supports the goal and ambition of the European Green Deal

DP-RAIL contributes to the TEN-T priorities

Partners / Consortium

First movers are engaging!

News & Events


High-Level Freight Meeting 2023

High-Level Freight Meeting 2023

The European rail freight operators held their yearly meeting to discuss the transformation journey they have embarked on. Amazing panels where the discussion illustrated the importance of seamless data exchange and the potential brought about by initiatives such as...

8th plenary meeting of the Telematics Expert Group

8th plenary meeting of the Telematics Expert Group

RailData Vice-Chairman MATTHIAS MAECHLER presented RailData and its services (ORFEUS, ISR, COREDA) to foster data exchange between freight railway undertakings at the 8th plenary meeting of the Telematics Expert Group on May 25th in Frankfurt. He explained RailData's...

The RFF DP project team meets at UIC

The RFF DP project team meets at UIC

The RFF DP project team meets at UIC to discuss the future of data sharing for the rail freight sector. Thanks to the @railfreightforward CIOs and Sherpas who participated on site and remotely (CFL Cargo, CD Cargo, DB Cargo, Green Cargo, Lineas, Medway, PKP Cargo, RCG...

DP-RAIL was presented at UNECE virtual event on 4th April 2023

DP-RAIL was presented at UNECE virtual event on 4th April 2023

Ms. Sandra GEHENOT, Director of the UIC Freight Department, presented the DP-RAIL initiative at the UNECE meeting on 4th April. Under the digital and green transformations for sustainable development, Ms. GEHENOT emphasized the urgent need for a significant modal...

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